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Sports Fans Auctions Lowest Unique Penny Bid Auction Strategies

With you can win a range of great merchandise, match day experiences and tickets for just a few pence.
While the match day hospitality suite football tickets, a super track day or even official club shirt will normally set you back a lot of money, on our lowest unique bid penny auction these things can all be won for under a pound. One of our smart lowest unique bidders has already won a £20 Gift card for as little as 5p.

Sports Fans Auctions differs from traditional auction or penny auction sites and if you are bidding then you aren’t aiming to bid the most or even the lowest – it is the lowest unique bid that wins. With this in mind let’s look at some bidding strategies that you can use to give yourself the best chance to secure the great items on auction.

Bidding At The Last Second

This is a common tactic that is used on auction sites and you can still use it to get the lowest unique bid.

The strategy consists of waiting until the last few minutes or seconds of the auction and trying to secure the lowest unique bid so there is very little time anyone to beat it. The transparent nature of our lowest unique bidding platform you are able know immediately and track of each bid to identify the potential lowest unique bid value. Our auction timer allows bidders to keep track of the auctions and how long is left before they end with the countdown clock and it is a strategy that many people have found to be very successful. There is a risk however in that if you put a bid in at the last minute that isn’t the lowest unique bid you have virtually no time to place another one.

This strategy can work but it is important to be careful with it as you can run out of time to win.

Using Your Reputation To Scare Off Opponents

If you want a more long term strategy then you can actually use your username to scare off potential bidders on an auction.

When you have been successful on several auctions and have worked out the best method to try and submit the lowest unique bid then when other people see your username they may have second thoughts about bidding on that particular auction. This strategy doesn’t happen overnight but once you have built up a reputation of winning at a penny auction then that is half the battle.

Submitting The Lowest Unique Bid

In order to get the lowest unique bid and win the great items listed for auction on Sports Fans Auctions then it isn’t the lowest bid you need.

The aim is to submit the lowest unique bid. The good news is that the site lets you know if you have submitted a unique bid so one strategy you can use is to submit bids for all amounts under your initial unique bid. You can buy 565 bids for just £1.99.

These strategies have worked for other members to win at auction and you can even get your paid bids refunded if you don’t win so if your strategy fails you can try it all over again on another auction.

Nothing to Lose Auction

If you are experienced with online auctions and bidding then you will know that you can’t win every auction out there. Sometimes you will lose however losing on Sports Fans Auctions is different than any other auction site.

Losing doesn’t necessarily mean losing your bids. Let’s have a look at how you can get free bids on Sports Fans Auctions, why buying a bid pack is worthwhile and also how you can submit the lowest unique bid to win the great items, tickets and match day experiences that are on offer.

How To Get Free Bids

The great thing about Sports Fans Auctions is that there are so many different ways in which you can win free bids. There are no additional charges or hidden fees with this penny auction site.

You will receive free bids when you sign up to the site, more free bids when you verify your email and there are even free bids released for new auctions when they are listed. Additionally, you can share auction pages on social media and invite friends and family to join – this will also credit your account with free bids.

While some other auction sites may seem cheap but then hit you with hidden charges or only give you a few free bids at the start, Sports Fans Auctions will credit you with free bids that you can use to get the lowest unique bid by interacting with the site and doing simply things like uploading a profile picture.

Buy A Bid Pack

Even with the array of free bids that are on offer, you can also buy bid packs. In fact, you can receive 565 bids for just £1.99.

If you are a premium member and you have failed to win one of the auctions and used the bids from your bid pack then these bids will be refunded to your account. This means that even if you don’t win the auction for tickets to the Gary Speed hospitality suite for instance, the bids that you have paid for are refunded and you can use them again on another auction such as one for a home strip.

The bid packs are incredibly cheap and give you plenty of chances to submit the lowest unique bid with nothing to lose.

Win With The Lowest Unique Bid

If you love auctions and bidding you will enjoy the no risk nature of Sports Fans Auctions. Even if you don’t win an auction you won’t have lost anything as your paid bids are refunded to your account. Given that you can rack up a load of free bids just by verifying your email, sharing pages, inviting friends and uploading a profile pic then you have lots of chances to win.

There are some great strategies you can also follow to try and win the lowest unique bid so if you want to win some fantastic items or match tickets to support the team on their push for promotion sign up and start bidding now as you have nothing to lose at this auction.

Instead of trying to place the lowest bid or the highest bid as many traditional online auctions work, with this system you need to enter the lowest unique bid to win. For example, there might be two bids of 50p for a day in the Gary Speed hospitality suite and while these bids might be the lowest, they aren’t unique. If the next lowest bid is 55p and there are no other bids for this amount then you win the tickets!


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