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Finding the best deals on the internet is difficult to find and knowing where to look can be even harder. With likleBID, you control the amount that you bid on our online unique bid site, which is perfect for finding ridiculous bargains.

Our unique bidding rules mean that the lowest unique bidder wins the auction. This has thrown up some spectacular deals. A moped for just £10.06, a PlayStation 4 for only £67.01 and a printer for just £0.16 are just some of the wonderful wins by our happy bidders.


We know, you’re wanting us to back-up a second, how did that happen? The lowest unique bid means that if you are the only person to bid 1p, you win the auction for just a penny. If nobody else that takes part in the auction bids your exact price and it’s the lowest, you win.

Tactics play a part of our bidding site, however. Some people will always gamble on one penny, but bidding at a random price could give you that product. If you were to go for 43p, there is less chance of people bidding that exact amount. But we would always suggest bid in consecutive batches and monitor your volume of unique bids.

To become a member of likleBID and receive five free bids on our unique auction site, register today here. If you’d like to find out more about our website, go to our FAQ page.

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