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Penny Auctions

Seeing a penny on the floor and marvelling at the impossibility of buying anything with it is an almost daily occurrence. With likleBID, you can get your hands on all kinds of deals in our unparalleled penny auctions.

Bid just 1p on our unique auction and you’ll have the chance of getting a Playstation 4, a new iPhone or even a car. Although it seems too good to be true, it is exactly what we do at likleBID – giving you the chance of an incredible bargain.

How our bidding system works is easy. You simply bid on the item that you want with the lowest UNIQUE bid. This could be a penny or 74p, but you will only know when the auction is over. For example, if somebody else on the market bids for the same amount as you did, then it is no longer unique. That’s where tactics come in to play, select an amount that you feel nobody else has gone for and you can have mopeds and Netflix subscriptions at ludicrous prices.

Some of our previous deals demonstrate how our reverse bidding website works. A moped for £10.06 and a £Nando’s gift card for just £1.91 are just two of our deals.

To find out more about our bidding site or get started with five free bids – visit our website.

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