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THE REASON SPORTS FANS AUCTIONS - "Memories made to cherish for always"

Regsrdless of that team you support the fans of a football club is what keeps the club alive. Win lose or draw, through rain sleet or snow a football clubs fans will be there cheering them on. We created Sports Fans Auctions website with rewarding sports fans the focal point. It is evident the commercial model offering free to play forever and low cost bids profit is secndary. However the goal was and still remains to provide loyal, passionate, Sports fans the chance to experience hospitality for a reduced cost. It seems we have exceeded our expectation, with the winner of Birmingham City vs Sheffield Wednesday hospitality tickets.

Linzie Philips was the the winner of our Birmingham City vs Sheffield Wednesday hospitality tickets lowest unique bid auction. Linzie was able to secure the tickets with a winning unique bid of just £25.48, outbidding 59 other members. However what really makes this special was who she decided to take with her Father.

Unfortunately a few months ago her Father suffered a cardiac arrest whilst at a Birmingham City match. Now firmly on the road to full recovery, he’s been able to attend a few matches as a loyal BCFC Blues fan. Linizie felt having won the pair of Captain Club hospitality tickets it was a perfect opportunity to treat her Father to a experiencing the luxury of Captain Club hospitality.

Words cannot describe what this means to all of us here Sport Fans Auctions. We are proud and deeply humbled to hear @LiniziePhilips was able to treat her Father to @BCFC Captains Club hospitality. Mr Philips is the true winner having previously overcome a cardiac arrest whilst at a @Blues match, the fact he is able to experience hospitality for a fraction of the cost fills our hearts with joy!

A special occaision and a fantastic competitive match "We’ve had a lovely day and dad got to stay warm and enjoy a blues game from a different view. The hospitality was superb and the staff made us feel very welcomed. Thank you so much to Sports Fans Auctions for a truly special day for both myself and my dad, memories made to cherish for always!"

If we never place another auction, we are truly honoured to know we have helped achieve this. The vast majority of us as Sports Fans invest countless amount of time, emotions and money supporting their favourite team, boxer, golfer or other. Win lose or draw Sports Fans remain and will continue to be loyal. We created this lowest unique bid auction platform in attempt to offer the average Sports Fans a transparent chance to win Sports experiences for a fraction of the cost. Regardless whether you support BCFC, SWFC, Aston Villa, Sheffield United, Leeds United, West Bromwich Albion, Wolves or any other team. Our aim remains the same offer a fair, fun, transparent chance for real fans to win unforgettable experiences

Sport Fans Auctions is an official Birmingham City FC, we offer members the chance to win

Make the most of your visit to St. Andrew’s Trillion Trophy Stadium and enjoy a dining experience whilst unwinding amongst family and friends ahead of the game. • Chefs four-course gourmet dining experience
• Private dining table
• Padded executive seating within the old Director’s Box
• Members only access to the Captain’s Club
• Full waiter/waitress and host service throughout the day
• Half-time tea and coffee
• Matchday programme and team sheet for each guest
• Cash bar facility throughout the day
• Pre-match BCFC Star of the Day interview
• Parking located on the century car park
*Beers, house wines and soft drinks included, selected premium offerings will be at an additional cost

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